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Center for Scientific Research and Development of Education

Center for Scientific Research and Development of Education   (CSRDE)

AddressTogolok Moldo St 10/1Bishkek, 
Phone: 996-312-88-10-42, 996-312-88-23-50

Website (URL)

CSRDE is organization on research, education and publishing.
Publishing - publisher and owner of  Heart, Vessels and Transplantation journal
Research - supports research activites, provides advisory consultations
Education - provides continuous medical education for medical professionals of different specialties 

Gulmira Kudaiberdieva - Director, Owner of CSRDE and Editor-in-Chief of Heart, Vessels and Transplantation journal

Taalaibek Kudaiberdiev -Co-Director Owner of CSRDE, Deputy Editor of Heart, Vessels and Transplantation journal

Pavel Tiumkin - Managing  and Website Editor of Heart, Vessels and Transplantation

We collaborate with printing organization by agreement (currently Altyn Tamga) and use acid free paper

Editor in Chief - Gulmira Kudaiberdieva responsible for entire publishing work in the journal, 
from receipt of manuscripts and peer-review and preparation for publication, proofs, ethics and editorial policies.
Deputy Editor - Taalaibek Kudaiberdiev -responsibility for financial and business support of publishing, relations with industry and education, advertisements and organizing research and CME
Managing and Web Editor - Pavel Tiumkin - responsible for website, manuscript submission system, publishing online and 
production, providing data to databases and  all relevant technical and digital issues and production.
Violetta  Taradina - accountant
Erkinai Sheishenbekova - design and research

Editorial policies (URL) -
Peer review policy (URL)
Advertising policy (URL)
Research ethics policy (URL)
Informed consent policy (URL)

The process for handling cases requiring corrections, retractions, and editorial expressions of concern - (URL)

We handle corrections by publishing Correction note in the next issue  and online.

In case of duplicate publication we follow ICMJE and COPE guidelines - we publish a Retraction note  on website along with  duplicate publication and submit to the databases.
In case of any misconduct - plagiarism, fabrication,  falsification, duplicate publication etc. we  publish expression of concern with doi number  and retraction note along with the published online article and submit to databases; we act in frame of COPE guidelines and conduct investigation of case and report to workplace of authors - university, research institite, hospital etc. for further action on scientific misconduct and fraud.